Cops Sort Of Pretend To Be Homeless, Give Out Many Very Real Tickets 

Can you say a cop is ‘undercover’ when they’re holding a sign announcing exactly who they are and what they’re doing? Maybe, if the sign is scrawled on cardboard, the officers are out of uniform, standing by an off-ramp, and everyone’s brain is conditioned to read people like that as homeless? The San Bernadino Police… »7/24/15 5:33pm7/24/15 5:33pm

Police Officer Saves Texas Driver From Gruesome Biscuit-Choking Death

The real threat on today’s roads comes in the form of delicious, buttery biscuit-confections so hard to resist that they rarely make it home. One Austin police officer encountered this threat on a routine cell phone use stop, where he found that the motorist was trying to call for help because she was choking on a… »7/16/15 5:08pm7/16/15 5:08pm

This​ Off-Road Rescue Rig Is The Ultimate Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck

Jeep Wrangler plus pickup bed equals awesome. Wrangler pickup plus 4" lift and rescue gear? Sweet baby jesus... this Red Rock Responder is an insanely beautiful beast. »3/19/15 1:08pm3/19/15 1:08pm

Texas Police Make Hilarious Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ad Spoof

"It was supposed to be just an in house video for our awards banquet," Cedar Hill Police Sergeant Larry Wise told CBS. But their spoof of Matthew McConaughey's weirdly dramatic car commercial is actually kinda amazing. »3/03/15 10:59am3/03/15 10:59am

What The Police-Spec 2016 Ford Explorer Has That Your Mom's Doesn't

Here's the 2016 Ford Explorer in its cop costume, otherwise known as a "Ford Police Interceptor Utility." Upgrades on the civilian version go a little deeper than those LEDs, but I bet you'll still be able to outrun these suckers. Kidding, please do not do that. »2/11/15 9:02am2/11/15 9:02am