My Time In Police Cars

The world outside looks different when you see it through the windows of a police car. And, when you're in one, you can tell the world sure as hell looks differently at you. » 3/26/15 3:38pm Thursday 3:38pm

This​ Off-Road Rescue Rig Is The Ultimate Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck

Jeep Wrangler plus pickup bed equals awesome. Wrangler pickup plus 4" lift and rescue gear? Sweet baby jesus... this Red Rock Responder is an insanely beautiful beast. » 3/19/15 1:08pm 3/19/15 1:08pm

News Chopper Live-Streamed This Unbelievable Highway Fire In Michigan

WXYZ Detroit has a helicopter circling highway I-94 near Dearborn, Michigan right now and it's streaming live video of the most hellacious conflagration I've ever seen. A tanker truck reportedly hit a car and exploded at around 11:00AM EST, taking several smaller vehicles with it. » 3/11/15 11:45am 3/11/15 11:45am

Texas Police Make Hilarious Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ad Spoof

"It was supposed to be just an in house video for our awards banquet," Cedar Hill Police Sergeant Larry Wise told CBS. But their spoof of Matthew McConaughey's weirdly dramatic car commercial is actually kinda amazing. » 3/03/15 10:59am 3/03/15 10:59am

Dumb Cop Forgets His Own Car And Reports It Stolen

A cop in Doncaster, England reportedly parked his unmarked police car in a neighborhood to look for a suspect. By the time he got back to the car, he'd forgotten he'd driven that one and freaked out thinking he'd found a stolen police car. » 3/02/15 10:37am 3/02/15 10:37am

This Guy Filmed Himself Getting Cut Out Of His Car By The Jaws Of Life

You fell asleep, and hit a pole. Your face is all messed up. You've got a broken arm. A broken femur. Two broken kneecaps. Two broken ankles. After the paramedics arrive, you know exactly what to do. Take a video selfie, and share the experience with the world. » 2/24/15 9:41am 2/24/15 9:41am

Border Patrol Will Test 'Body Cameras' After Years Of ACLU Complaints

US Customs and Border Patrol has confirmed they'll start using body-mounted accountability cameras on their officers in West Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan. The ACLU has been working to make this happen since 2012, soon we'll see what exactly becomes of it. » 2/20/15 5:13pm 2/20/15 5:13pm

What The Police-Spec 2016 Ford Explorer Has That Your Mom's Doesn't

Here's the 2016 Ford Explorer in its cop costume, otherwise known as a "Ford Police Interceptor Utility." Upgrades on the civilian version go a little deeper than those LEDs, but I bet you'll still be able to outrun these suckers. Kidding, please do not do that. » 2/11/15 9:02am 2/11/15 9:02am

New York's Volunteer Ambulance Service Has A 2.5-Minute Response Time

This week's Top Gear, which had a bit on homemade ambulances, made a bold claim. Host Jeremy Clarkson, known as the "Giant Ape" to his colleagues, actually said that New York City volunteer ambulance service Hatzolah has a response time of only four minutes. But he's wrong. It's faster. » 2/10/15 2:50pm 2/10/15 2:50pm

Here's The Newest Police Light Pattern To Watch For In Your Mirrors

A police variant of the 2016 Ford Explorer was inevitable, cops can't buy enough of the current one. Here's what it looks like lurking in the dark, we'll see the whole thing and find out all about the "cop engine, cop suspension, cop brakes" and such at the Chicago Auto Show next week. » 2/03/15 9:32am 2/03/15 9:32am

The Tragic Story Of Why This 'Two-Headed Fire Truck' Is So Impressive

The Nanjing fire department has reportedly spent $1.5 million on a new fire truck with two front ends and the Chinese media is pretty excited about it. Nanjing's vehicle is the first predecessor of the the Janus 4000; an incredibly capable and mission-specific rescue tool born from an unholy tragedy 16 years ago. » 2/02/15 3:22pm 2/02/15 3:22pm

Here's The Sweet Mercedes Fire Truck Racing Van On Dubs You Asked For

This Mercedes V-Class in fire-department tuner car livery is for those of you who habitually answer the question "why" with "why not?" Seriously though, I find this unjustifiably alluring. » 1/27/15 4:51pm 1/27/15 4:51pm

Firefighters Attempt To Extinguish Car Fire And Everything Goes To Hell

Here's a little cooking recipe, handed down from my step-uncle's roommate's brother's sister. Take one Mercedes, and completely engulf it in flames. Leave it on top of a big hill. Don't set the parking brake. Add firefighters, a high pressure fire hose, and now water everywhere to reduce the friction. The result is… » 1/21/15 5:34pm 1/21/15 5:34pm

Justice Department Clamps Down On Cops Seizing Your Car Or Cash

Today the U.S. Justice Department announced that local and state police won't be able use a federal law to justify the seizure of cars, cash, homes and other assets of people if they simply believe a crime was committed. It's a big blow to civil forfeiture, a $2.5 billion practice that has infuriated many. » 1/16/15 1:54pm 1/16/15 1:54pm

The Revolution Delayed After Newspaper Retracts Realest Cop Quote Ever

For a brief time earlier today, shit got very real when a Kentucky newspaper, The News-Enterprise, printed that "Hardin County Sheriff John Ward said those who go into law enforcement typically do it because they have a desire to shoot minorities." Seriously; it's right here. » 1/08/15 5:10pm 1/08/15 5:10pm

Police Chief's Perfect Response: Respect Protestors, Keep an Open Mind

When a pro-cop citizen wrote the Nashville Police to express his "frustration and outrage" at the city's peaceful handling of recent Ferguson protests, Chief Steve Anderson reminded the letter-writer of a simple fact: "The police are merely a representative of a government formed by the people for the people—for… » 12/28/14 1:56pm 12/28/14 1:56pm

Connecticut Cops Delivered Christmas Toys In This $250,000 War Machine

On Christmas Day the police department of Manchester, Connecticut roamed the streets in their eight-ton armored personnel carrier decked out in Christmas lights bearing gifts to needy kids. Cute community outreach initiative or subtle "scare 'em straight" operation? » 12/27/14 10:43am 12/27/14 10:43am

This Frightening Armored Forklift Could Be Batman's Bobcat

Remember that time your dad rented a Bobcat, and you had a riot ruining the lawn and lifting things? "The Rook" is like that, but bulletproof and with attachments designed to smash walls, heave cars, spray knockout gas, or drop troops onto your roof. » 12/19/14 12:00pm 12/19/14 12:00pm

Here's What Happens When A Cop Runs A Red Light

Feeling all warm and fuzzy about cops because they hand out Christmas presents? Great. Here's a police officer breaking the law, running through a red light, and smashing into a random driver. » 12/10/14 1:05pm 12/10/14 1:05pm